Women’s World Banking customers besiege company over deposits


Customers of Women’s World Banking Ghana (WWBG) on Monday morning massed up at the Madina branch of the financial institution to demand payment of their deposits.

This followed the revocation of the license of the company and 14 other savings and loans companies by the Bank of Ghana on Friday.

The customers said following the announcement, they wanted to retrieve their monies saved with the company.

Some of the customers who spoke to Citi News said they were optimistic of getting their monies although the license of the company has been revoked.

“They should have educated the women.. I am pleading with the government to educate the women about what they plan to do so that everything will be smooth,” a customer said.

Another customer said, “I am not afraid that the money will go away just like that. I have known this financial institution since I was a child. I know this financial institution very well.”

News of the revocation of licenses of some savings and loans companies in the country has resulted in many customers of the affected institutions thronging the premises of the institutions in hope of retrieving their funds.

The receiver of the collapsed savings and loans company will be working to help the customers retrieve some investments they have made with the companies but the process is expected to take some time.


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