How Social Media Helped Young Man Find His Long Lost Dad

Social media weilds much power in recent times than any other means of networking. It has been used times without number by people to trace their roots and also find their lost families.

Just like many other stories, a young man who never saw his dad since he was born has been able to find his dad with the help of social media.

The young man’s story was shared by popular sports journalist, Saddick Adams. He revealed the young man’s name to be Isaac Yeboah Amuzu.

Narrating how it happened, Saddick Adams wrote;


So two weeks ago, a young man Isaac Yeboah Amuzu contacted me with an emotional story.

His dad left home when he was a kid. He had never set eyes on him before. His mum has passed on and he has no traces of his dad nor his family. He had struggled in life to establish himself and all his heart desire was to meet his dad (dead or alive) and reconcile with him.

After posting his message, lot of people took interest and shared across social media. An elderly person who knows the story of a man who once stayed in Sunyani as a bricklayer some years back and fitted Amuzu’s storyline description of his father, contacted him.

It’s too unbelievable connecting the dots. But long story short, Amuzu set off to a village in the Northern Region where this man was. Lo and behold, it is his DAD.

Today, Isaac Yeboah Amuzu writes;

“Special thanks to Saddick Adams for posting my plight on social media and to all contributors of this great reunion with my dad.

It was all joy, an ecstasy and memorable moment when my father and I met again after almost thirty years of separation.

I’m appreciative of your support in diverse ways: Sharing on social media and circulating through other media to making me realize the intended results.

I’m enthused that with just a couple of years to hit 70, my dad still has the youthful Strength that some of us don’t even have.

I am hereby through this medium, entreating you to make peace with your parents, (even if they have offend you in the past) irrespective of whatever might have happened between you.

Tomorrow could be too far a time to get to or reach them. Once again thank you for everything”

Thank you Facebook!!!!”

This story together with many others really shows how social media has been very influential in the lives of people.