Cameroon: Quest for Agricultural Productivity – CEMAC Pesticide Agency Takes Action


The Interstate Committee of Pesticides of Central Africa is giving its senior staff rigorous training to increase their efficiency and productivity in order the make the sub-region a green economy.

Senior staff of the Interstate Committee of Pesticides of Central Africa (CPAC) are undergoing an 11-day capacity building training in Yaounde. The training which kicked off on Friday August 16, 2019, is in a bid to increase their efficiency and productivity, thereby boosting sustainable agriculture and increase yields. Under the Regional Economic Programme adopted by countries of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), transforming the sub-region into a green economy by 2035 is a prime objective. While opening the training, the Representative of the CEMAC Commission in Cameroon, Roger Faustin Ndzana, said in working towards preserving human health and that of the environment, CPAC is falling in line with the preoccupations of not only the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but also the Regional Economic Programme of CEMAC. “These goals can only be attained if all institutions and agencies of CEMAC in charge of executing agricultural programmes honorably attain their respective objectives,” he noted, lauding the training initiative. The training being dished out by experts from the Multisector Sub-Regional Institute of Applied Technology, Project Planning and Evaluation (ISTA) covers nine modules. It focuses on the techniques of conception, drawing up, planning, management, follow-up and evaluation of development projects and programmes. Auguste Itoua, Director General of CPAC told Cameroon Tribune the initiative is part of measures to attract more visibility to their actions. It should be recalled the major objective of CPAC is the sanitation of agricultural production for the preservation of the environment and the health of local consumers, as well as to enhance the competitiveness of local agricultural produce on the international market.


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