South Africa: See Which South African Idol Hopefuls Are in the Top 17

Meet Idols South Africa Top 17 Finalists

Cape Town — The fight to be in the top 16 has ended with tears, drama and newly discovered talent.

After surviving the auditions, group round cut, and solo performances, the final 32 contestants gave their best on the stage to fight for the top spot.

Judges Unathi, Somizi and Randall were faced with the difficult task of choosing the best among the remaining 32 contestants, and for the first time in history of all 15 seasons of Idols South Africa, the judges picked 17 contestants.

Now, the race is down to the top 17!

At this stage of the competition, the race will get harder and harder. The top 17 will perform live for a studio audience. Each week, the public will vote for their favourite, marking the end of the road for the singer with the least votes, until only one remains. Check out this year’s top 17 profiles.

Last year, Cape Town’s Yanga Sebetwa walked away with the crown.

Next Sunday, the top finalists will take to the stage for the first live show.

Is it too early to have faves?