Photo Of A-Plus With Captain Planet & American Rapper Bow Wow Pop Up On Social Media


Kwame A-Plus has been spotted chilling with American rapper Bow Wow plus his Ghanaian counterpart, Captain Planet in a rare photo which has surfaced on the internet.

The political activist was at his explosive best this week when he fired the party he’s affiliated to, the New Patriotic Party for their machinations which is undermining the party.

This was one of his rants:

“If I said this those stupid 20 Ghana screenshot taking NPP fool soldiers would have called me traitor, bitter, because I lost a contract and so on. Ok the president is also a traitor then. When I told him that his people were corrupt he went to Koforidua and said I was accusing them wrongly.

He rather sacked Dr. Anyah for trying hard to save Korle Bu. What was Dr. Anyah’s crime? They say he was 65 years so had to leave. But Nana re-assigned Kwame Owusu the air condition man who is older than methuselah’s grandfather as board chairman.

Nana, nobody is sabotaging you. You sabotaged yourself. Which good president will sack a CEO who does not take salary or allowances, did not accept official car, residence or driver, uses his own money to buy drugs and beds for the hospital, uses his own money to fix oxygen plants which had broken down for 3 years, did not accept even fuel?

You people had a plan before taking power. All of you. Today I have to give it to you yourself Nana Addo. You have disappoint yourself and us!!! Very shameful!!! Very very. You are becoming the worse president ever.

I wasted my time on you people. Very bad people pretending as Christian’s who want to build a church for God. Just as God told David not to build the church because he had blood on his hands you guys are not clean to build a cathedral for God. Stop it!!!! Now you see greedy criminals? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.”

His anguish post comes after the President said some greedy people are sabotaging his government.

See photo:



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