Malian In Fake Dollar Scandal

A Malian crime suspect, Mohammed
Mahmoud Ould Ibrahim, popularly known as Omar, is alleged to have duped a
Turkish businessman with fake dollars.

The victim is currently in the country on the
heels of the alleged fraudster, who was believed to be hiding in Mali but has
relocated to Ghana recently.

According to the aggrieved victim, Omar, an
alleged ring leader of a group comprising Chadians and North Africans, engaged
in countless life-threatening activities, succeeded in duping him to a
staggering amount of $1m fake currency by a false pretence.

The case is before the police headquarters and
the victim who does not want to be named for security reasons has claimed that
Omar engaged him (businessman) under the guise of a Ghanaian, using fake
dollars captured in a video.

“He referred himself as rich Ghanaian
businessman in all my dealings with him, only to realize that he was a
fraudster,” the victim said.

The businessman added “when l later
realized he was not genuine, l decided to call for his arrest; l was told he
was in Mali but had to quickly move to Ghana. I later realized he was using a
fake identity.”

Omar is also an alleged rapist and together
with his team, they have been engaging in various criminal acts, using multiple
passports and issuing death threats to some residents around Spintex Area in

His alleged connection with some men in
authority makes him ‘untouchable’, which has led to his escape from some police
stations in Accra.



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