13-year-old boy with Down Syndrome allegedly raped by teacher in classroom

“We walked around the school calling out his name but he did not respond. I was scared and confused and didn’t know where else I would look for him,” she said.

She said the worker came running in their direction but hesitated momentarily when he saw her with the teachers.

“He wanted to stop running and panicked then slowed down and got into a walking stride before asking us what was wrong. The teacher told him that we were looking for a missing boy. He offered to help us find him, saying that my son was probably asleep in one of the classrooms,” she said.

“He went to one classroom and unlocked it. It was strange that my son came out immediately – not like someone who was asleep – but like someone who had been up and was waiting for the door to be opened. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was happy to have found him,” she said.

Police spokesperson Capt Ramothaki Maqwabe confirmed that a rape case was being investigated but said no arrests had been made.

The mother said her son acted strangely after being found and was not as jovial as usual.

“His eyes were red as if he was crying and when we stepped into the vehicle I noticed a smell emanating from him. As if he didn’t wipe himself properly after using the toilet,” she said.

The mother said she was horrified when she took off his clothes and found blood stains and semen on his underwear.

“I was shocked and horrified. I was on the floor when my senses returned to me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I asked my son what happened and he told me that the general worker had sexual intercourse with him.

“He said this was when I was looking for him and that he beat him and threatened to kill him if he responded to my calls,” said the mother.