Kenya: This Women-Only Party in Nairobi Has Sparked Mixed Reactions


A women-only party that went down in June has elicited major reactions on social media.

The party, dubbed ‘Strictly Silk’, was organized by The Nest Collective, an arts group that also works on films, musics and fashion.

“We’re so incredibly grateful to everyone who came through for Strictly Silk and all the amazing ways you contributed to it being such a brilliant night! Our second edition was a rousing success! It was an amazing night, and we have many memories to share,” The Nest Collective posted on their Facebook page.

Everything at the party adhered to the single-sex policy from the security to the DJs, sound mixers, MCs, ushers and revellers.

Reactions varied; some called it sexiest while others said it a good way for women not be harassed by men.

Here are some of the reactions across the board.

Since I became aware of myself as a person I have never been in a space where I felt completely safe until yesterday when I went for #StrictlySilk

I felt so safe that I eventually felt anxious at how safe I was

So you mean to tell me men walk around feeling like that every day?

– Vortex (@maumauzdaughter) June 30, 2019

I like this thing. This shows and tells us(men) that we shouldn’t think that every lady we see into night clubs is for after men, some are there for their enjoyment. Good step

— Merves (@Merves_J) August 12, 2019

Serikali kama sio waumini wa jinsia moja basi hii club waimulike, kisije kikazaliwa kizazi cha ovyo

— gwakipangajr (@gwakipangajr2) August 12, 2019

So much for #EqualityForAll

— John Collins (@johninboro) August 12, 2019

the only way for women to be safe is for no men to be there. I just find that depressing

— shahjoffe (@shahjoffe) August 12, 2019

If they happy it doesn’t matter anyway.

— Skullncross (@markIcutler) August 12, 2019

Have all the man babies actually read it? It’s about safety as the women are getting raped or even killed.

— Haley (@portsmouthinfo) August 12, 2019

well fed , well dressed , drinks , smart phones in hands , having a blast guess global weather death hasn’t heard of kenya

— Amigo Joe (@monkeysfly51) August 12, 2019


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