Fresh Masawudu Posters Pop Up At Asawase

Masawudu Mubarak’s new campaign posters

banners and posters of Masawudu Mubarak, the opposition National Democratic
Congress (NDC) parliamentary aspirant for Asawase in the Ashanti Region, have popped
up within the constituency in the Asokore Mampong Municipality.

If the posters
and banners are anything to go by, then Masawudu is determined to contest in
the NDC primaries against the wish of the regional executives.

As a staunch
member of the NDC, Masawudu was frustrated when he attempted to contest in the
upcoming NDC Asawase Constituency primaries.

He was turned
away when he visited the Asawase and Ashanti Regional offices of the NDC to
pick a nomination form to take part in the party polls.

Masawudu, who
looked determined, did not give up as he followed up to the NDC national office
in Accra, where he eventually secured the nomination forms.

Masawudu’s nomination forms were not collected when he tried to submit them at
the NDC national office after he had successfully filled them

The NDC office
in the Asawase Constituency had informed the NDC national office that Masawudu
had been suspended, a charge Masawudu vehemently debunked.

whilst the controversy surrounding Masawudu lingered on, the incumbent Asawase
NDC MP, Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, had successfully submitted his forms.

Reports making
rounds indicated that the NDC leadership in Accra had decided to investigate
the matter, thereby putting Masawudu’s ambition in limbo, at least for now.

as Masawudu awaited his fate, his fresh posters could be seen at vantage points
in the Asawase Constituency, especially at Aboabo.

The posters have
a big picture of a smiling Masawudu, with the red, black, green and white
colours of the opposition NDC in the background.

Also, the
posters have inscriptions like ‘Empowerment, Progressive Leadership and
Integrity’ and ‘Vote for Masawudu Mubarak as Parliamentary Candidate for

Meanwhile, some
NDC members at Asawase, especially those that support Masawudu, are said to be putting
pressure on him to contest as an independent candidate should the NDC
unjustifiably disqualify him.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi