Tanzania: Is Zari’s New Found Love Pushing Diamond to Buy a Rolls Royce?


Dar es Salaam — Bongo Flava singer Diamond Platnumz will be turning 30 on October 2, and he is looking forward to celebrate that milestone in style.

Word from the grapevine has it that the singer intends to purchase a Rolls Royce and a private jet to celebrate for that special occasion which will also mark decade since he made his debut on the Bongo Flava scene.

The Wasafi CEO is currently in the US, but while there, he landed on a Rolls Royce which has always been his dream car if the tag line on his verified Instagram account is anything to go by.

He calls himself the Rolls Royce musician from Africa, so it could just as well make perfect sense to have the ride as part of his fleet.

The revelation has not earned him very many friends with some terming it a day dream for the singer whose hits ‘Inaama’ has been making waves across the continent.

“There is no way my man can buy me a Toyota and he buys himself a Rolls and a chopper unless when he doesn’t love me, but he is just trying to use me to hurt his ex,” another wrote paying close attention to the birthday rides the singer bought for Tanasha and his mother a month ago.

There are some who are associating his new passion for the ride as a way to get back to his ex whose new man (King Bae) owns a fleet of guzzlers including a Maserati, Rolls Royce and a Ferrari.


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