Angola: Luanda Government Creates Road Traffic and Planning Council


Luanda — The Luanda Provincial Traffic and Planning Council, which aims to promote traffic safety and analyze the performance of sectors involved in road activity in the Angolan capital, was created on Monday.

The body, coordinated by Luanda Governor Sérgio Luther Rescova Joaquim, will also suggest the definition of policies and the strategy for the development of road and traffic activity, as well as to issue opinions on the road network.

The Council should also propose the adoption of relevant legislation and measures to solve road traffic problems, among other actions.

To this end, the body will meet every three months to elaborate actions to be implemented by the Executive Committee.

The Council includes the Deputy Governor for Technical Services and Infrastructure, the provincial delegates of the Interior, Finance, Justice and Human Rights, the provincial commander of the National Police (PN), the directors of the Statistical Planning and Study Offices, Infrastructure and Technical Services, Environment, Solid Waste Management and Community Services.

The Council also includes the provincial heads for Institutional Communication and Press, Transport, Traffic and Urban Mobility, Health, Education, Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports.

The provincial directors of the Angolan Road Institute (IEA), Civil Protection and Fire, Traffic Services and representatives of organizations involved in solving road traffic problems are also part.

The Provincial Council was created under Presidential Decree number 18/13 of 15 April, which establishes the National Council for Traffic and Planning coordinated by the Commander General of the National Police Paulo de Almeida.

With the creation of the body, the Luanda Provincial Government (GPL) has fulfilled a legal formality, which it had not observed.


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