Here Are The Titles Of DJ Arafat’s 11 Albums


The world is really finding it hard to come into terms with DJ Arafat’s death. He was involved in a motor accident earlier today and subsequently lost his life.

Many tributes have poured in since his demise was confirmed with the notable celebrities being his fellow Francophone celebrities.

He was considered to be the greatest Ivorian musician of his generation with 11 albums to his name. We take a look at the titles of all his 11 albums.

2000 Femmes
2009 Don de Dieu
2010 Gladiator
2011 Faison la fete
2012 Baisboula Areguede
2012 Kpankaka
2013 Chebeler
2013 Yorogang
2013 Yorogang
2017 Yorogang
2018 Renaissance

Aside from his 11 albums, he has a lot of singles with fellow Francophone stars and other Ghanaian and Nigerian stars.



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