Timi Dakolo raises the alarm over attempt to abduct his wife

By Lawani Mikairu

Popular singer, Timi Dakolo, Sunday raised the alarm over attempt to abduct his wife by armed men in their house in Lagos. This is coming on the heels of the invitation by the police requesting Dakolo, and his wife, Busola, a photographer, for questioning over allegation of rape.

Timi Dakolo
Timi Dakolo and his wife Busola

In a press briefing in Lagos Sunday, Dakolo said that since his wife decided to seek justice over the rape allegation against Pastor  Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, their lives have been under threat.

He, however, pointed out that his lawyer had been director to respond to the invitation of the police.

In his words: “As a father and a protector of my home; I have decided to come out and speak publicly against this harassment, bully and maliciousness that we have received as law abiding citizens of Nigeria just because my wife decided to speak her truth and I believe her and stand by her.”

Timi Dakolo
From left: kate Henshaw, Nollywood actress, Busola Dakolo, Timi Dakolo, briefing the journalist and Yemi Adamolekun, during the Press conference in Lagos Sunday. Photo: Joe Akintola, Photo editor

“I will never leave her side and I will do my best to protect her. The good people of Nigeria who have shown us so much love deserve to know what is happening.

Breaking: Police confirm inviting Bisola and Timi Dakolo(Opens in a new browser tab)

Dakolo continues: “On behalf of my family; I would like to share a few highlights especially about the attempt yesterday to abduct my wife or probably me if I was down-stair because the people that came to our house were carry guns.”


“Nobody comes to drop letter with a vehicle that has tinted glasses and have men with guns that are trailing a car. When they followed my wife into the compound, someone said my Oga wants to see you in the bus. She said no, I don’t know your Oga, who are you?”

“And they now said that they wanted to give us a letter. I have already seen the bus earlier, the bus had been parked on the street for a long time but I did not suspect anything, It did not cross my mind. As she came back from the road and was about to enter the compound, the bus followed her and blocked my gate. It is a sign that this people have been trialing and following her all the while.”

“If she had not insisted that no I don’t know you, I cannot follow you, we now said Oga what do you want. You don’t just come into peoples’ compound and said you just came to drop letter with an armed man. It is not possible.” he stressed.

Timi Dakolo cries intimidation, dirtiness as Police storm his residence(Opens in a new browser tab)


Timi Dakolo and his wife, Busola Dakolo on Saturday  said that they were being intimidated as Policemen stormed  their home in Lagos today.

Timi on his instagram  handle wrote that he will fight for his wife and his children saying: ‘I will fight for my wife and my children -it’s the promise I made with my life and one I intend to keep .I will defend them from the unrelenting attack of a weak man who thinks he can use money and power to cover for all of his crimes.’

The police on Saturday invited Timi Dakolo and his wife, Busola, for interrogation over alleged falsehood.

Recalled that Dakolo, mother of three had made a shocking revelation in a detailed interview with Chude Jideonwo, a lawyer and journalist on YNaija channel of how the Abuja-based cleric raped her as a teenager.

The viral video report has set social media and other online platforms on fire, evoking shock, backlash and criticism from Nigerians, especially the Christian community.

Also in his reaction, the embattled preacher posted a statement on his IG page @biodunfatoyinbo denying the allegation, adding that he had never rape a woman all his life.

Timi Dakolo wrote

‘Our lawyers had told us to get ready for this letter.
‘We have long been ready for this type of institutionalized intimidation and dirtiness. Investigating officials have frustrated as a result of underhand delay? Dirty bloggers are fabricating things that cover the truth , going to the IG’s people under dark to force this case to be posted to Abuja?

‘Now this: a false investigation in Abuja when our own petition filed since June has not been answered and NO INVITATION HAS BEEN MADE TO THE ACCUSED IN A RAPE CASE????! NOT ONE MOVEMENT TOWARDS JUSTICE??? Rubbishing the legal and criminal system ?


Timi Dakolo
Timi Dakolo and his wife

And sending a bus load of questionable armed “policemen” and shady men lying in wait to intimidate my wife and children today, forcing their way into my home? Is that how the REAL police delivers a letter ? This is best you can do? This is why all the hurting women and families havent come out with HORRIBLE THINGS DONE TO THEM???!!
You picked the wrong one and you picked the wrong time. Nigerians are more awake than you think .

‘I will fight for my wife and my children -it’s the promise I made with my life and one I intend to keep .I will defend them from the unrelenting attack of a weak man who thinks he can use money and power to cover for all of his crimes.
Like I said ,we have since been ready .

The officers came in a van with number plate BR932KSF.

Busola Dakolo had alleged that Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion raped her as a teenager in his church in Ilorin.