Ukranian University Honours Sasso Boss

Dr. Sampson Effah Apraku

THE EXECUTIVE Chairman of Samara Company Limited, Dr. Sampson Effah Apraku, has been offered honorary professorship by Ukraine’s Alfred Nobel University.

Dr. Apraku and other deserving Ghanaian businessmen and entrepreneurs were given the appointment by the university on the recommendation of the Extraordinary Achievement and Heroes of Africa (EXAHA).

EXAHA is a non-governmental organisation working with the United Nations Global compact, African Union and other top-learning institutions around the world.

The ceremony recently came off in Accra where many other dignitaries and hard-working businessmen were recognised for their business achievements.

The Sasso boss was especially appointed for this honour for introducing an innovative insecticide brand that effectively kills mosquito and consequently prevents malaria, which used to be one of Ghana’s biggest health problems.

He had already earned a doctorate degree honours from the Commonwealth University in collaboration with the London Graduate School at the 12th Dubai Leadership Summit in 2016.

In a brief remark after the appointment was announced, Dr. Apraku revealed how elated he was to be given such recognition.

He said it shows that his hard work and good fight for Ghana is being felt hence the acknowledgement.

The Sasso boss revealed further that he was poised to make more innovative products for Ghanaians, especially in insecticide and other household brands.

Mentioning three of his proudest achievements, Mr. Apraku stated that introducing an insecticide brand that kills mosquitoes with no side effect, and also smokeless mosquito coil.

He also touched on his company’s social responsibilities including delivering educational materials to basic schoolchildren nationwide, and the employment opportunities given to some Ghanaians.

“I was the first to introduce smokeless mosquito coil, and effective insecticide brand onto the market. Also, my intervention in the basic education of children nationwide with educational materials, plus the employment my company has created for the over 150 staff I have,” Dr. Apraku said.

He further revealed plans to commence a new educational foundation which would sponsor brilliant but needy senior high school students to pursue medicine at the tertiary level.

Aside from Professor Effah Apraku, other dignitaries, including Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani, president of Groupe Ideal and Dr. Joseph Kobina Essibu, Executive Director of Ideal College, also received awards.

Others who were inducted into doctorate honorary include the CEO of First Choice Hair and Beauty, Faustina Adofo Adjagar, and Otiko Afisa Djaba, former minister for children, gender and social protection.