NADMO warns residents ahead of Burkina Faso Bagre Dam spillage

The Upper East Regional office of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has hinted that authorities in neighbouring Burkina Faso could spill the Bagre Dam anytime soon.

NADMO has thus urged farmers and residents along the White Volta to adhere to its safety measures to avert the loss of lives and property.

Speaking to Citi News in Bolgatanga, Regional Coordinator of NADMO, Jerry Asamani said, Even though NADMO is unable to disclose the exact date for the spillage, it could occur anytime.

“We have operation thunderbolt, a rapid response group and. It is already established and they are located in Walewale and their location has been chosen based on their proximity to these three regions,” he said.

Spillage of excess water from the dam is as part of a routine safety measure to ensure that the water is kept below the safe operating level of the dam in order to prevent it from collapsing.

The exercise has been characterised with the flooding and destruction of homes along the waterway.

Last month, the Ghana Water Company Limited announced that it would begin spilling excess water from the Weija dam as part of a routine safety measure.

Communities likely to be affected include; Tetegu, Oblogo, Pambros Salt, Lower McCarthy Hill, Lower Weija, Bojo Beach, Ada Kope, Tsokome and surrounding communities.

In 2016, a number of communities in the catchment area of the Weija Dam in the Ga South Municipality were submerged, following the spillage of the dam by the GWCL.

Communities such as Tetegu, Oblogo, Pambros Salt, Lower McCarthy Hill, Weija, Bojo Beach and Ada Kokpe were inundated, while others, including Glefe and Opetekwei, are also seriously affected.