I Smoke Wee And Everybody Knows It, I Used to Lie About it When I’m Asked in Interviews but not Any Longer

Ghanaian rapper, B4Bonnah, who is behind the hit song, “Dear God” featuring Sarkodie, has made a very confident statement about something unlawful, which he does.

According to B4Bonah, he has been previously lying about smoking wee when asked on air but not again. Bonah says he smokes wee and is not shy to say it in public

When asked on Hitz FM by Ola Michael whether he smokes, he said;

“Yes, i smoke, I smoke wee. I used to deny back then when asked whether i smoke but now i’m ready to let the World knows that i smoke wee.’

In Ghana, smoking marijuana is illegal but the musician speaking on Hitz FM, this morning, boldly mentioned that he does it.

B4Bonah is now out with a new song featuring Mugeez of R2bees.