Press freedom must resonate with all – Anas

General News of Friday, 12 July 2019



play videoAnas Aremeyaw Anas was speaking at Media Freedom Conference in London

Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an Undercover Investigative Journalist, has bemoaned that media freedom must resonate with other journalists across Africa or the world.

According to him, “if media freedom does not resonate with your other African colleagues or other people in the world, then it’s a wild goose chase.”

He explained, “then it means that all of us are going to face similar problems wherever we go…….it doesn’t matter if it is in Venezuela and there is no media freedom, it affects all of us.”

Anas Aremeyaw Anas made the remarks ‘at the Media Freedom Conference in London which was jointly organised by both the British and Canadian governments.

Anas told participants at the conference that the gun or the torture that was meted out to journalists still lives and that the same gun will be used against politicians if the fight against media freedom is not won.

He admitted that many journalists in their line of duty have been very irresponsible but as a mushrooming democracy, it is a problem with the media, just as the judiciary and police have their own problems.

Expressing grief over the events that led to the killing of his colleague Ahmed Hussien Suale by unknown gunmen, Anas stated, “In recent times, there’s been developments in Ghana that are quite worrying…I recall the death of Ahmed Hussien-Suale, one of the energetic reporters that ever joined the stable of Tiger Eye.”

Ahmed Suale who was part of Anas’ Tiger Eye PI team and played very instrumental roles in the investigation into the corrupt practices of the Ghana Football Association was murdered in cold blood when returning from his family house in Medina, a suburb of Accra. Anas stressed, “When the politicians mounted the podium and said that they would hang journalists, and said that they would beat journalists, if government had spoken and had been firm about it, Ahmed Suale would not have died.”