Anatomy, reason for Man/woman relationship

ENUGU- A Professor of Anatomy and Consultant Radiologist in the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus, Prof. Nebeuwa Obikili has disclosed that opposite sexes were attracted to each other for anatomical reasons of the Man being the head and woman, the heart of every family.

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Obikili said that while men were arteries, women are veins that play complementary roles in the body system of every human being; which according to him was reason husbands and wives lived in peace and harmony for many years because they understood the anatomy of the Head and the Heart of their families.

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He made the disclosure as outcome of his research, while delivering the 153rd Inaugural Lecture of the University in Enugu, yesterday.

In his lecture titled “Anatomy of the Head and Heart of the family,” Obikili stated that man as head and Woman as heart was not only scriptural but also philosophical, adding that husband and wife will reverend each other if they understood the anatomy of the head and the heart of the family.

“A good knowledge of anatomy will help men and women to build a Christian family that is holy and stable, and in the words of Saint John II, the first and vital cell of society and of the church. Men and women will be less frustrated and angry with the opposite sex, if they always bear in mind that the men and women are anatomically different.

“A knowledge of the anatomical basis for the differences in the force of attraction of a Man to Woman and a Woman to a man, will help a Man who is Manly to make a family effort to rein in his passions. It will also help a woman to be more understanding with men.

“It will help husbands and wives to understand that they play complementary roles like arteries and veins. It will help husbands and wives to raise bright and cheerful families. It is scriptural and philosophical as well,” Obikili stated.

He noted that his anatomical and radiological studies from head to toe revealed significant differences in the dimensions of men and women, stating that some of the differences were present in the intrauterine life that begin to blossom at puberty.

“The man is the artery while the woman is the vein. The man is the head of the family while the woman is the heart of the family. The man is physically stronger than the woman but the woman is biologically stronger than the man.

“Anatomically, the man is bigger than the woman. The woman is smaller, sleek, more sophisticated, and less hairy than the man. The man is the head of the family and the woman the heart of the family. Anatomically, the head is stronger and hairy, while the heart is smaller and sleeker,” Obikili concluded.