Man Bashed For Disrespecting Wole Soyinka Finally Reacts, Tells His Part Of The Story

''The young man who ordered Soyinka off his seat Was Right'' - Nigerians Take Side With The Young Man

A young man named Tosin Odunfa has come out to claim that he was the young man who asked Prof. Wole Soyinka to stand up from his allocated seat during a flight yesterday.

According to the guy he claimed to share some similarities with the Literary icon and enjoyed some chit-chat with him during the flight contrary to the outcry that they were at loggerhead over the seat.

He also claimed to be a PhD holder and teaches at the University of Mannittawiw. Nigerians meanwhile have been quick to pick the holes in his comment with some taking to google to search for the University where he claims to teaches.

Upon further search, the young man was found to be an impostor.

What he wrote below:

What Nigerians are saying:

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