Teasing is an incredibly powerful form of flirting


Teasing is an incredibly powerful form of flirting

Teasing is an incredibly powerful form of flirting. In fact, relationship expert Matthew Hussey argues that teasing might be one of the most powerful forms of flirting, when done right.

So let’s talk about  some seemingly harmless things women say that can instantly kill a man’s attraction for them – without them even realizing it. The irony in all of these examples is that they’re sort of teasing a guy, but just in the wrong way.

Below are three common examples from Hussey:

3 Situations

You ask him a question about a part of his life that’s important to him like, for example, his work.

He says, “Oh… I don’t know…I started an organization that empowers women in their love lives.”

And you say, “Aww, that’s so cute.”


No man wants to hear that an area of his life that he takes seriously is cute.

“You’re so funny when you dance.”

Guys have a difficult enough time doing anything elegant like dancing in a way that looks cool, so telling him that he looks funny when he does it is just going to make him feel like he can’t express himself around you in fun and spontaneous ways.

All it’s going to do is shut him down. And, lastly…

He says he hasn’t seen/done something or doesn’t know something that’s slightly embarrassing not to know.

For example, you’re talking about movies, and he says:

“I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction.”

Instead of going, “Oh really? You haven’t watched it? WE should watch it sometime! It’s so great,” you go…

“Really? Are you joking? You’ve never seen pulp fiction??”

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