Enterprise Life breaking boundaries with new ‘funeral finance plan unlimited’

Enterprise Life breaking boundaries with new ‘funeral finance plan unlimited’

Enterprise Life, a subsidiary of Enterprise Group and currently the leading Life Insurance Company in Ghana, has introduced a new product, the “Funeral Finance Plan Unlimited.”

The main objective of this product, is to widen and deepen insurance coverage by providing funeral solutions to people who hitherto would have been excluded, due to the general but sometimes very restrictive limitations, insurance companies place on their Life Insurance products.

The Assistant General Manager in charge of Technical and Life Administration, Bernard Ewusie Mensah indicated that, the product was developed based on feedback from the company’s discerning client base, coupled with its innovative drive to offer relevant, affordable and enhanced insurance solutions to meet the changing needs of the market.

The newly introduced Funeral Finance Plan Unlimited, has a series of exciting and groundbreaking benefits a No maximum age limit, No lapse, pays back some amount of money when clients cancel the policy and also gives them the option of a full refund at the end of the payment term.

Another new and thrilling feature of this product is the opportunity of the policyholder to swap the main Life’s cover, for a family member who was not originally on the policy – this is an industry first.

There is also a two-month premium holiday given every policyholder.

In addition to remarkable options stated above, there are nine benefit options ranging from GH¢ 2,000 to GH¢ 50,000 to choose from. This wide benefit range ensures that there is a plan for every pocket and the buyer does not necessarily need to be covered.

Enterprise Life has indeed lived up to their philosophy of ensuring that “The Customer is at the center of the business“. Thus ensuring all its clients and Ghanaians’ in general, have absolute control over what and how they want their insurance products to be”.

The Funeral Financial Plan Unlimited, adds to the portfolio of other innovative life insurance solutions, customer service experience portals such as the use of Electronic Applications for client onboarding, diverse online payment options and client engagement platforms.

The Funeral Finance Plan has been the flagship product of Enterprise Life over the years and it has constantly been reviewed to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Talk to any  Enterprise Life Planner (Agent) or Talk to your Broker to purchase the new Funeral Finance Plan  Unlimited.



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