Price of domestic gas will drop soon — Deputy Energy Minister

Price of domestic gas will drop soon — Deputy Energy Minister
Mohammed Amin Adam – Deputy Energy Minister

Deputy Energy Minister, Mohammed Amin Adam says the price of domestic gas will soon drop on the markets.

According to him, the government is recalibrating domestic gas prices to be able to achieve the target.

The decision to recalibrate follows various complaints from businesses about the high cost of the commodity which makes it difficult for their businesses to thrive.

While delivering his keynote address at the Ghana mining and Energy Summit in Accra, Deputy Energy Minister in charge of petroleum Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam said gas prices will be reduced soon.

“We are also recalibrating domestic gas prices. We are doing all this because we know that cheaper sources of power are essential for the growth of our economy; essential for your operation as mining companies and essential if we have to accelerate the development of our country for the benefit of our people,” he said.

He further assured that the era of the constant power outage is over with various government interventions in place.

“We are aware as a government that many business groups have expressed concern about the dumsor matter and we know that in the past, the mining sector faced difficulties mainly from the energy crisis.

I want to assure you that as partners in development, the government promises to work assiduously by ensuring that all businesses are safeguarded and not disrupted by energy challenges. We are facing the challenge head-on; Dumsor is a thing of the past,” he added.

The theme for this year’s summit is Harnessing Mining and Energy to Accelerate National Development.

Meanwhile, president of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Eric Asubonteng says his outfit will continue to enhance mining operations to ensure the country continues to comfortably enjoy being the best mining country in West Africa.

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