Set up c’ttee to address our locked up funds

Set up c’ttee to address our locked up funds – Menzgold customers

The Coalition of Aggrieved Customers of Menzgold is demanding the formation of a committee comprising their executives, Parliament, government and Menzgold officials to determine the way forward in retrieving their monies.

They also want the government to involve them in the decision-making processes on the possible revocation of Menzgold CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah’s Interpol red alert.

A spokesman for the coalition, Frederick Forson, expressed members’ concerns with their current level of involvement in the situation to Citi News.

‘If we are part of the decision-making process we will all be in the know,” Mr. Forson said.

“From the communication with the government side, especially the attorney general and NAM1 somebody is not telling us the real issues (about) what is going in Dubai,” the spokesman added.

The Coalition has organised several demonstrations and press conferences demanding the retrieval of their monies since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) halted operations of Menzgold in December 2018.

Commenting on changes the customers would like to see made, Mr. Forson advised that the government set up a committee to look into the issue.

“We want a committee to be set up, we want Parliament to come in… we the government and the Menzgold people also to be part,” Mr. Forson said

Since MenzGold operations were halted in December customers are still yet to receive any of the finances.

“What is the government going to do to ensure that our monies are paid? The bottom line is that we want our money,” he added.

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