Salma Mumin flaunts her new Range Rover

Salma Mumin got herself a new ride

Just look at the new beast Salma Mumin has acquired at a time that the movie industry has literally grounded to a halt!

The actress shared her new acquisition-a sleek Range Rover- on social media and her fans just love it. She wrote:

Pulled up in a ‘double R’ ???? to the city people Magazin @10 last night.

FROM ME to ME! NO HANDOUTS! #hardwork#pays#salmamumin#prettyfacesalma

???? @swagofafricanews @twinsdntbeg

We can’t actually tell if these actresses are in any competition to see who has the dopest ride. Jackie Appiah recently flaunted her Maserati and Sister Derby’s boyfriend, Medikal, also debuted a Range.

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