Stop painting actresses black – Lydia Forson ‘jabs’ media

Movies of Friday, 2 March 2018



play videoLydia Forson has slammed critics who allege that some actresses rely on men for a luxurous living

Award-winning Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has slammed a section of the media for what she describes as casually parading misrepresentations about actors, and actresses especially who drive in flashy cars and embark on extravagant trips despite their outcry of a dying industry.

The ‘Keteke’ actress who was making a submission at a press briefing ahead of the much anticipated “Sidechic Gang” movie said she could not fathom why some bloggers question the source of their income of actresses and hastily cook negative vibes about them anytime they acquire new assets and flaunt on social media platforms.

“You bloggers have so much power that is why I always come at you but it is all love, because I don’t think you understand how much power you have. You have the power to shape thoughts, you have the power to make people think a certain way. It’s the same power you have to let people respect what we do and not to question us every day,” she bemoaned.

The outspoken actress registered her dissatisfaction stating that it is demeaning when the efforts of actresses who strive to make a living for themselves in the ailing movie industry are truncated with the premise that they depend on rich men to afford the comfortable life they are portraying.

“I do stuff for companies which I do not disclose but now anytime I’m holding a phone it is assumed that someone bought it for me. It is somewhat true that people sometimes gift us just because we are entertainers, you are someone that they watch on TV and they love… but we should not reduce actors, actresses especially to, you are not worthy or you are not smart enough.”

Ms. Forson posited that the fact that actresses are making strides should not be a call for their heads on the chopping board arguing that “we are smart people.”

Earlier this week, A-List actress Jackie Appiah shocked her fans when she posted a picture of her new Maserati registered with the 2018 number plate.

Jackie’s Maserati is estimated to cost a whopping $150,000 plus or even more depending on the year model and other customizations. She’s also known to be owning a Black G-Wagon worth thousands of dollars.

For many who have been following the actress’ exploits in both Ghana and Nigeria movie industries, it is not surprising but many people argue that the movie industry is not paying enough for actors to own such luxurious cars.

But Lydia Forson in response to a question from the press about how movie makers especially actresses are able to afford such high price tagged cars said they have their offscreen businesses that supports their hustle and as such there’s no cause for alarm.

About Sidechic Gang

OldFilm Productions – the producers of ‘Keteke’ is set to premiere its new movie ‘Sidechic Gang’ on March 3 at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall and West Hills Mall.

Sidechic Gang, which features fascinating actors such as Nana AmaMcBrown, Lydia Forson, Sika Osei, AdjeteyAnang, Bernard Nyarko, Eddie Kufour, Akofa Edjeane and a host of other great actors, is a Pitch Factory story by Rachel Adikwu, with screenplay by Peter Sedufia, who doubles as the director and co-producer along with Laurene Manaa Abdallah.


“Three female friends find out they can make fortunes from exposing cheating husbands and boyfriends after making tons of cash unexpectedly from reporting a cheating husband to the wife.

They quit their ushering job to set up “Sidechic Gang” – an agency solely dedicated to clamping down the side chick menace. Their services are available to only women.

After few exposè, their Sidechic Gang becomes popular, attracting traffic from victims of side chicks. This translates into more cash for them. The men in the town are unhappy with the sudden popularity of the gang.

The Sidechic Gang’s biggest deal is yet to hit them. It comes from a filthy rich man who suspects his fiancée is cheating on him. He is aware the gang does not serve men, but, he is willing to pay anything it costs to justify his suspicion.

The gang takes on the task. They know what this means for their bank account. Their greatest opposition, however, is the many aggrieved men who benefit from the services of side chicks, and would do anything to ensure they fail.

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