Government announces measures to combat crime

Mustapha Hamid, Information Minister

Information Minister Mustapha Abdul-Hamid has announced the deployment of joint military and police teams to patrol the cities as part of measures to combat growing crimes.

He has consequently asked the public to cooperate with the security agencies and report suspicious characters.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday to outline the measures, the minister said the joint patrols, termed “operation calm life” are to safeguard the public and ensure safety for everyone to go about their business without fear.

He assured that it is only those with ill motives who will have the patrol teams to contend with.

He directed financial institutions to install CCTV cameras on their premises, which he said would be networked with the national operational command center.

Mustapha Hamid said the Ministry of Energy has been tasked to fast-track its programme to light up cities that do not have light, a measure he said, would also help combat crime.

The minister further warned the public to desist from the use of sirens when they have no authorization to do, specifying that only the President, Vice-president, Head of Security Bullion vans and some selected categories of people who may be led by a military or police dispatch rider.

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