Delta, Invincible forces protecting us – John Boadu

General News of Thursday, 8 February 2018



John Boadu says the vigilante group exists so as to protect the party executives from danger

Acting general secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) John Boadu has said vigilante groups such as the Invisible and Delta Forces are there to protect the party.

Mr. Boadu who was speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday, said the role of the vigilante groups are essential to the party.

According to him, the party has come under severe attacks which has necessitated the need for the vigilante groups to protect them in case of future attacks.

His comments comes after a report by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) said Ghanaians want such groups disbanded and offending members prosecuted by government.

He said; “In times of peace people think that they must not prepare for war, it is rather in times of peace that you should always prepare. I’m giving you the background of what we found ourselves, to the extent that our headquarters was vandalized all our resources, our materials were destroyed. We must protect ourselves, we must make sure that at least our properties and persons are protected.

“It is for that reason that we have young men who help in protecting us and I’ll support them any day. That’s not to say that they must take the law into their own hands, no, they must work within the law. They exist, they’ll continue to exist.”

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