2 ladies lick, defile six-year-old boy

General News of Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Source: adomonline.com


play videoThe regular abuse of the boy has resulted in him developing a swollen penis and a bloated tummy

A six-year-old boy has accused two ladies of sexually abusing him over a period of time, leading to him developing a swollen penis and a bloated tummy.

The boy who was accompanied by his mother to the studios of Adom FM shocked listeners when he claimed in an interview that the ladies, under the pretext of sending him to buy them yam, routinely camped him in a room and allegedly sexually abused him in turns.

According to the boy (name withheld), the regular abuse has resulted in him having a swollen penis as he experiences severe pains accompanied with blood during the passage of urine.

The boy who claimed that one of the ladies goes by the name Gladys, also known as Rasta, added that: “they pulled my nicker, rubbed my penis and when it became hard, they licked it and later sit on it; they have done it for four times”.

Mother of the boy who confirmed the story to Adom News said the ladies are her neighbours with whom she shared an apartment.

The woman added that the boy is liked by all and hence is the one the ladies and other tenants send on a daily basis.

According to her, she caused the arrest of the two ladies after coming to the knowledge that the two accused were attempting to vacate the house.

The ladies, have however denied engaging in any such act.

She says they are awaiting the results of further tests conducted on the boy to determine the extent of damage caused him.

Meanwhile, the two ladies are still in police custody.

Watch the boy narrate his ordeal on Adom FM

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