AMIDU can’t handle OSP job based on principle – NDC

The opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) has expressed misgivings about the choice of Martin Amidu to occupy the first ever Office of the Special Prosecutor insisting he[Amidu] cannot be the ideal nominee on grounds of principle.

According to the NDC, it only argued its concerns on matters of principle, adding it is suspicious Mr. Amidu who previously published series of epistles challenging the constitutionality of the newly established Office of Special Prosecutor, had accepted to occupy what in his judgment was a contentious office by law.

Amidu is billed to appear before parliament for vetting next week, however the main opposition NDC says the  representation of that office(OSP ) who’d openly castigated and issued threats to the NDC and its leadership, could easily turn into political hatchet job aimed at achieving a predetermined outcome.

A statement signed by the General Scribe of the party, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah said:”We believe that it is in the supreme national interest that the appointment of the person to head such an important institution be carefully thought through, that above all such an individual should enjoy the respect and confidence of all sides of the polity, and must have the impartiality and objectivity of a judge and the integrity of a clergyman. The office must not be seen or treated as a political outpost for witch-hunting or the performance of hatchet jobs for an incumbent administration. That would most definitely lead to needless socio-political tensions and national instability.”

The statement cites the guidance of Article 296 (a) and (b) of the 1992 Constitution in stating that where discretionary power is vested in any person or authority (as in the case of a Special Prosecutor),

  1. That discretionary power shall be deemed to imply a duty to be fair and candid
  2. The exercise of the discretionary power shall not be arbitrary, capricious or biased whether by resentment, prejudice or personal dislike and shall be in accordance with due process of law.

“The NDC therefore expects that when the time comes for the vetting of the nominee for the position of Special Prosecutor, Parliament will discharge its obligation mindful of the above constitutional provisions. In the interest of good governance, accountability, probity and fair play we urge that the national debate and the forthcoming vetting of the nominee be guided by these principles and not by the rather shrill partisanship that we have begun to witness among the rather predictable sections of the political spectrum,” the statement said.


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