Health Ministry intensifies surveillance over Listeria alert

Business News of Friday, 12 January 2018



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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has disclosed that it has increased surveillance on food imports from South Africa.

A statement from the Ministry of Health on the situation also stated that the move is to prevent the possible spread of the disease in Ghana.

Documents cited by Citi Business News reveal that the Republic of Rwanda and Botswana had banned the importation of some food products from South Africa to avert an outbreak and spread of the Listeriosis disease.

The Ministry of Health also said that all officers at the various ports of entry have been tasked to be more vigilant and intensify inspections at the ports. Meanwhile the Health Ministry has assured that there is no cause for alarm as it is monitoring the quality of plant and animal products from South Africa keenly.

Ghana imports a lot of plant and animal products from South Africa. South Africa however is yet to deal with the outbreak of the disease.

About Listeriosis

Listeriosis is a food poisoning infection that can be contracted by eating contaminated foods.

The Listeriosis disease can be transmitted through the consumption of plant and animal products such as meat, dairy products, as well as fruits and vegetables.

The infection, can result in miscarriage among pregnant women, cause premature delivery, cause serious infection to newborns, and even lead to stillbirth.

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