Gallup poll ranks Ghana 10th place among unhappiest countries

General News of Wednesday, 3 January 2018



Ghanaians With Flag 02Oct2010According to a survey Ghanaians are unhappy about their living conditions

Ghana is facing a gloomy future as the West African country has been ranked among the ten unhappiest countries in the world, can reveal.

According to a survey on 55 countries by Gallup International covering the period of October to December last year, citizens of the country are gravely unhappy about their living conditions.

In a comprehensive opinion poll in about 50 countries, Ghanaians ranked high among people who were unhappy about their country.

Iran led the Top 10 Unhappy Countries with a net score of + 5, followed by Iraq, Ukraine, Greece, Moldova, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, Turkey, and Ghana at the 10th spot.

Gallup’s 41st Annual Global End of Year Survey showed the Philippines with a net score of +84, below top scorer Fiji’s +92 and Colombia’s +87 and above Mexico, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, India, and Argentina and the Netherlands sharing the 10th spot at +64.

Among the Top 10 Optimists, Kosovo and the Philippines placed eighth and ninth with each having a net score of +40, above Sweden’s + 38.

Indonesia topped the optimists, followed by Nigeria, Fiji, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, and Albania on 7th place; while Italy led the Top 10 Pessimists, followed by Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iran, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Turkey, Republic of Korea, and Ukraine, Latvia and South Africa on the 10th spot.

In the Economic Optimism Index, the Philippines placed fifth in its economic outlook toward the new year, with a net score of +32 (optimists +42 over pessimists +10).

Nigeria led the optimists with a net score of +59, followed by Vietnam’s +55, Indonesia’s +53, and India’s +46.

On the other hand, the survey noted, “Economic optimism has declined over the last months. The study shows that 28% of the world is now optimistic for the economic outlook in 2018, but the economic pessimism is 2 points higher.

Net optimism (the shares of those saying the next year will be one of economic prosperity minus the shares of those who say the next year will be one of economic difficulties) has shown a downward trend +23 (at the end of 2015), +20 (at the end of 2016) to -2 (at the end of 2017).”

“About two-thirds (59%) of the surveyed world claim they are happy. This is almost 10 points lower than twelve months ago. 2017 was a tough year with terrorist attacks over almost each week and it may have influenced personal lives all around the world. Nevertheless, a majority in all polled countries are happy,” the survey said.

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