Editorial: General Mosquito – The 18th Thief?


    He alluded to a certain 17th thief in the New Patriotic Party (NPP), a political grouping on which the innuendo was intended to exact electoral damage.

    He sought to present his party and himself as icons of political morality in a political contest in which the stakes were extraordinarily high as decorum was thrown overboard.

    Emerging details about the General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Johnson Asiedu-Nketia, have however cast a cloud over the moral high ground on which the man pretended to be standing.

    At the height of his pre-polls notoriety, he spewed unsubstantiated allegations against his counterparts in the NPP accusing them of impropriety, graft and everything that can impugn the integrity of a political party and its leading members.

    His obsession for property ownership hitherto cunningly concealed as he dots the Ghanaian landscape with imposing structures have presented the true profile of the man.

    His deviation from the path of social democracy, a feature shared by his colleagues in the ruling party as they too partake in the craze for property ownership in a free-for-all manner, is an obscene statement about the rewritten ideology of the political grouping.

    The tenets of social democracy in the NDC have undoubtedly witnessed a volte face as previously chastised property ownership, associated with the NPP becomes their startling feature. Times, the Latin dictum states, changes: tempora mutantur.

    With the party’s leadership in a mad rush for top of the range estates across the country, the rules of the game must have been revised to match the altered ideology of the ruling political grouping.

    It is a departure from an order in times past abhorred and spat upon on the campaign platform, customized for the TV cameras, in pursuance of the mischievous agenda of a desperate and then humble NDC.

    No longer so, as these persons who made their unenviable names on the campaign trail by hurling invectives, some unprintable and ungentlemanly, at their counterparts in other parties for allegedly putting up houses, now form the membership of a nouveaux riche, flaunting their wealth with unlimited hubris.

    After all, political power, the ultimate, has been achieved, the social breaches notwithstanding.

    No party leader epitomizes this feature better than Mr. Asiedu-Nketia, now gaudy owner of a state of the art block-making factory which feeds the Bui Dam Project with its brick requirements even as he sits on the board of the establishment.

    General Mosquito is a physical contradiction of what he spat on-property owning democracy-when he showcased modesty as his attribute when he canvassed for votes from his compatriots.

    Now that the NDC is in power, the rules have been revised to, perhaps, correspond with the true instincts of the leadership.

    Things which went round have come around in a most despicable fashion making a mockery of local politics and giving it an aura of insincerity and indecency.

    Now maybe the 18th thief of local politics, General Mosquito’s appetite for the good things of life is insatiable now that his party is in power.

    Perhaps the social democracy of the NDC is only theoretical far away from practical. Who does not like a plush home?

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    Editorial: General Mosquito – The 18th Thief?