Chidi Mokeme as a bell-boy or something else?


    I know the question popping up in your mind right now is probably what could be up with Chidi Mokeme this time.

    So much gists, both unsavoury and a bit off-key have been peddled about the Nollywood hotshot who came off the Vanguard’s Sexiest in Nollywood as the Hunk of Nollywood 2011 that one begins to wonder if the guy hasn’t developed some special affinity for media attention.

    Just last week the handsome actor was caught aboard a Aero contractor flight from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja en route  Lagos, looking as dashing as ever.  He did cut the Nollywood bigshot picture even though he was ensconced smugly in the Economy Class, not that anyone would have blamed him, not after having to spend though his nose to bury his father just a couple of months ago.

    But surely eyes on the flight began to twitch when the actor spotted our own loving Onyeka Onwenu, who was every inch up to the task as a super star in the First Class section of the flight. No sooner the plane touched down than our Hunk of Nollywood began to get out of character, trying to show off he and Onyeka are on friendly basis.

    As if the smothering game wasn’t enough to drive it home the actor went down to pick Onyeka’s baggage and he sure cut a pathetic picture hurling around his baggage and that of Onyeka’s. The gesture might go down as good as it gets but knowing Chidi and his tastes one wonders what his true intentions are.

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    Chidi Mokeme as a bell-boy or something else?