Naadu’s Watch Saga: Unseen NPP Hands Playing Mischief – NDC Man


    A leading member of the National Democratic Congress Kojo Twum Boafo is convinced the ongoing saga involving a disputed presentation of $48,000 watch to Mitchelle Obama in 2009 is part of a grand mischievous scheme by unseen hands critical of the government.
    The US registry and website of Backes and Strauss-the UK Company commissioned to manufacture the diamond rimmed watch adorned with Ghana’s flag, both stated that the gift was presented to the Obamas by Ghana’s first lady Georgina Naadu Mills.
    It was deemed to be the second most expensive gift to have been presented to the Obamas. But the Ghana government has been quick to dissociate the first lady from the presentation.
    A statement issued from the presidency followed by a press conference by Head of Communications at the presidency Koku Anyidoho stated Ghana government did not incur any cost in the manufacture of the watch. He further stated the gift was not presented by the first lady. It is however not clear who presented the gift on behalf of Ghana.
    Subsequent to the denial, the US Embassy in Ghana as well as the manufacturers of the watch have all admitted committing an error in stating the gift was presented by Ghana’s first lady and have resolved to rectify the error.
    In what may appear to be an interesting twist to the saga, Mr Kojo Twum Boafo who is also the head of the Free Zones Board said on Joy FM’s news analysis programme Newsfile the controversy is ploy to win cheap political points. “This issue is mischief” he said, adding, “it is the mischief by people who create the mischief.”
    He was quick to dissociate the US government and the Backes and Strauss from the alleged mischief but said “it was an attempt to show that one president in his time bought $60,000 worth of gold and put it around his neck and so President Mills has done same.”
    Ex-President John Kufuor had in his tenure manufactured national awards- which included gold medals to some Ghanaians, including himself, for exemplary performance in their field of endeavours.
    Boafo described the ongoing saga as embarrassing saying after all what the US has done for Ghana it is unhealthy for the debate to go along the path it is going.