Stop Road Accidents Now


    The government should try as much as he can to stop road accidents now. Road accidents are claiming lives everyday but there have not been strategies putting in place to stop or minimize it.
    We normally blame the drivers for driving wreckless and sometimes point fingers onto the Police for not doing enough to bring the situation under control. The above reasons are among the factors which cause the road accidents but the major part of it comes from our governments. They have not been doing enough to find a lasting solution to this particular problem.
    Inability to construct dual carriages across the country is the main causes of numerous roads accidents and they remain serious threats to our daily lives so far as traveling is concerned. It is rather unfortunate that our politicians are not taking closer look to this problem. Our Parliamentarians waste time to debate on unnecesary issues while our lives continue to be in jeopardy.
    Reshaping the country’s economy does not rest on the shoulders of the nobles and politicians alone but it rests on the shoulders of every Ghanaian. It is believe that those who are passing away through road accidents have their quotas to be added to the development of the country. Obviously, when we continue losing souls in this way, it is unlikely for the country to achieve the millennium goals as we have been striving for because, our people are going away with knowledge.
    What is the government doing now and tommorrow? The government is contracting loans to build low cost houses across the country to shelter Ghanaians, that is fine but if road accidents kill all of us who will dwell in those houses?
    Parlimentarians were given US $50,000 credit facilities to purchase expensive cars for their four year term why the government can not do the same thing to construct dual carriages across the country? I feel shy to hear some people singing and praising the government for his
    achievements. What has he achieved? Is it not a shame to those people?
    We always thinik about the cost which might be involved but that should not be the case at all. We begin a journey with a step and as the says go ” Rome was not built in a day”. With good strategic plans, the government will be able to construct the dual carriages across the country within eight and ten years. After his tenure of office,
    another government will continue and gradually we will be able to achieve that objective.
    I am not putting the blame on the sitting government alone but the past governments too. I have been compelled to write this after reading an article from Peace fm’s blog about the road accident which occurred in this morning 11th January 2011, between Akomadan and Nkenkaasu in Ashanti Region. Dual carriages will reduce the accidents to the lowest level because most of the vehicles collide (face to face) and when it happens in this way more lives are claimed.
    Ignorantly, those who believe in superstitions are interpreting it in different languages.Even some of the fetish priests and pastors concoct stories around road accidents and believing that they are cause by witches and wizards. “These are falsefabrications”.
    Normally, accidents occur through human errors so we should not allow them to deceive us because they are all after money. Unfortunately, I had a little time to cross-check the article so please don’t be
    embarass when you come across any error. All that we have to do is to keep on writing until the government takes good
    position on this matter. God bless our homeland Ghana.
    Source: Kusi, Duncan