Heartless DCE Disenfranchises Atosale/Azaasi Electorates


    It is amazing for the people of Atosale/Azaasi electoral area to line up at 6:00am on the 30th December, 2010 to elect the assembly member of the electoral area all to be denied the right to exercise their franchise as stipulated in the constitution of the Republic of Ghana.
    Information reaching the people portrays that the people of the electoral area suffered this setbacks due to a so-call conflict over the naming of the electoral area. This news captured in the Daily Graphic came as a complete surprise to the people because we are confidently aware that there is no any sign of potential conflict over the naming of the electoral area.
    To set the records straight, we will wish to remind the general public particularly the electoral commission and the interior minister that some years ago, the current District Chief Executive in collaboration with other self-centered individuals connived and manipulated with interested stakeholders to impose a family name on the people of Atosale and Azaasi as the name of the electoral area. This was met with vehement protest by the indigenous citizens of the area who wish to have the electoral area bare the traditional name of the area rather than the family name.
    The agitation therefore prompted an investigation into the issue leading to the discovering of information from the office of the electoral commission that the imposed family name (Akurugu Daboo) does not even exist in the books of the electoral commission, confirming the earlier manipulations by these leaders. Nearly all of the electorates in this area of jurisdiction including the Akurugu family by history are natives of Kandiga.
    But the issue at stake is the naming of the electoral area to reflect the sections that form the electoral area. There is no dispute as to who owns the land or who is the chief of the area.The attitude of these three personalities namely;DCE Hon. Emmanuel, the regent of Navrongo and the chief of Doba is most unfortunate and must be checked before they plunge the people of these innocent peace loving communities into serious conflict.
    This article will not be complete when mention is not made of the treacherous and heartless acts of the District Chief Executive, the main architect behind this brouhaha. For your information, the DCE’s family who come from the Kandiga royal clan is known to have natured a failed chieftaincy ambition which have made him embittered for the past. As a result, he is using his current position in government to create distability in the area as a way of vindication or revenge.
    What a risk to the government and the NDC party who always win majority of its votes from these areas? Information reaching us depicts that that he wants to carve out the area as a new village under the paramouncy and auspices of Doba Chief so he can become the divisional chief.
    What a greedy and self-centered personality is our DCE at all? The DCE has a dispute with one of the citizens of the area (Mr. Akubiire Amogre) over a plot of land. He displayed absolute power by breaking down the house of this poor subsistence farmer (Mr. Akubiire Amogre) and subsequently arrested him, manhandled him in the police cells and processed the case to high court, using his position to influence every decision. The matter is still in the court. But again this should not prevent the people of Atosale/Azaasi electoral area from voting.
    As we speak, there are ongoing rumours that some faceless elements have supplied the Akurugu’s family and their Doba affiliates with guns and ammunitions to intentionally cause distability in the electoral area on the day the elections will be reorganized for the impatiently awaiting voters.
    Bearing in mind the likely effects of the said unconfirmed information, we would want to create the awareness of the Regional and district police commanders of the area not to underrate this information but rather take necessary prompt actions to ensure that violence free elections take place without any hindrances. The people of Atosale and Azaasi are peace loving and will not want to experience conflict in the area due to the DCE and his allies parochial interest.
    All the issues about the DCE can not be discussed unless an independent investigation is being embarked to proof our points.
    At this juncture, the chief and the people of Kandiga and most especially the Atasale/Azaasi electoral area will wish to call on the electoral commission, the interior minister and the Regional minister to seriously treat the issues raised in this publication and reconsider their decision by organizing elections for the good people of the area since parliament have passed the legislative instrument confirming the traditional name Atosale/Azaasi electoral area rather than the inexistent name(Akurugu- Daboo) previously imposed on the people by these detractors
    Thank you,
    Community Chairman: Atambiire Aminireba.
    Source: Aminireba, Atambiire