Bokassa’s Estate To Be Auctioned


    Auctioneers plan to sell off a dilapidated chateau outside Paris that once belonged to one of Africa’s most ruthless dictators, the late Jean-Bedel Bokassa of Central African Republic.
    Pascal Koerfer, lawyer for the administrator of the Bokassa family’s estate, says chateau d’Hardricourt needs a major overhaul.
    He says bids at the auction today in the suburb of Versailles will start at €735,000 (£611,000), although a higher final sale price is expected.The chateau comes with a vast tree-filled park, a house for a caretaker and a double garage. Bokassa was ousted in a French-backed coup in 1979 after a bizarre 13-year rule that included proclaiming himself Emperor Bokassa I. He died in 1996.