Reshuffle Delay: Mills Could Create Bootlicking Ministers


    A political scientist has warned that President Mills needs to complete the ministerial reshuffle process began on January 4, 2011 or risk creating “bootlicking” and “sycophantic” Ministers anxious to keep their posts.
    It has been over a week since President John Mills reshuffled some of his ministers and promised Ghanaians to expect further changes to his government in the coming days.
    That reshuffle, which saw an initial list of 10 with two Ministers booted out of government, reportedly sent shivers down the spines of many of the President’s appointees whose fates have yet to be decided by the former law lecturer.
    CitiNews sources say many of such Ministers have since been having sleepless nights, worried about the uncertainty surrounding their continued stay in government.
    Sources say the situation is seriously affecting the performance of many of the Ministers as they wait anxiously to hear the Presidency announce further changes to the Mills government.
    CitiNews is reliably informed that a number of the Ministers and their Deputies have since been busy visiting persons perceived to be power brokers in the NDC purposely to get them to lobby the President to maintain them at their posts.
    Speaking to CitiNews, Political Scientist, Mr. Ransford Gyampo, said the seeming uncertainties in government could create serious consequences for government.
    The lack of information on the reshuffle is “creating a sense of insecurity and taking away the attention” of the Ministers, Mr Gyampo warned.
    To keep their jobs, “some deliberately become so much loyal to the president, some would adopt bootlicking strategies and sycophantic styles, become sycophants and blindly support the president even in cases where they know that the president is wrong.
    “Others would be paying informal homages to the president in his house. The president would be there, and one morning you will have a minister parading his children, grandchildren and his wife just wanting to say hello.
    “It is very important that the list is released now.”