The chiefs and people of Adumasa ask for good roads


    The chiefs and people of Adumasa in the Suhum-Kraboa-Coaltar District, have asked the Department of Feeder Roads to rehabilitate roads in the area to facilitate the transportation of goods and services.
    Nana Ayisi Addo, Odikro of Adumasa told the Ghana News Agency at a meeting of the people and the traditional authorities at Adumasa near Suhum in the Eastern Region that infrastructural development in the district had not receive attention for years.
    He lamented that the area had not benefited from the government’s rural development policy to ensure better living conditions for the people.
    Nana Addo said the poor nature of the roads was not helping to alleviate the problems facing the poor farming communities in the district.
    He said the area also lacked social amenities like, clinics, potable water, toilet facilities and electricity.
    Adumasa comprise Besenkwanta and Akurakese with a population of more than 500 people.