Rawlings Suspects Foul Play About Motor way Incidents


    Former President Jerry John Rawlings has expressed concern about the spate of suspicious incidents on the Tema motorway and called on the Ghana Police Service to get to the bottom of it.
    Flight Lieutenant Rawlings was speaking when he visited the Airport Police Station in Accra, following the discovery of a gunshot wound on a young man whose car crashed on the motorway on Sunday, January 2.
    It comes in the wake of two incidents involving the driver of the former President and his Spokesperson and Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Mr Kofi Adams.
    Last November Mr Adams car was crossed repeatedly on the motorway at high speed by another vehicle, forcing him to eventually crush his car into the shrubbery on the edge of the stretch.
    Former President Rawlings said if there were people out there with ulterior motives then no one was safe.
    He enjoined the security agencies to do more to unravel the incidents “before it becomes a dangerous new local culture”.
    In the latest incident, Yakah Richard, believed to be in his 30s was found dead when his vehicle violently skidded off the motorway and crashed into a ditch.
    It was only when his body was deposited at the 37 Military Hospital morgue that pathologists noticed a bullet wound. The shot had run through his chest and exited through his back.
    The Commanding Officer of the Airport District Police, Chief Superintendent Fosu Arkaah told former President Rawlings that a pistol was retrieved from the deceased’s car.
    He confirmed that investigations were ongoing, saying efforts are being made to contact the first person who arrived on the accident scene to give a witness report.
    The former President had earlier visited the 37 Military hospital morgue where he was shown the body of the victim.