USA STOP Blowing Empty Hot Air


    Commonsense, they say, is common but not to everybody! The proposition by a group of disgruntled and power-hungry, very small minded-people of NPP–USA for the impeachment of the President (of the Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana) President J.E.A Mills is childish, immature and nonsensical, to say the least.
    The Dankwa-Busia-Dombo tradition, NPP (the so called Property Owning Democrats) can continue to hate the 31st December 1981 and its ideals anyhow they want. They can hate NDC anyhow they want and they can continue to hate President Jerry Rawlings, anyhow they want. But the fact remains the 31st December, 1981 forms an integral part of Ghana’s political history. The NPP can say whatever they want, for political expediency, but within their hearts they know how 31st December, 1981 Revolution form the foundation of the PEACEFUL, PROSPEROUS and PROGRESSIVE Ghana we have today.
    Former President Rawlings and the 31st December Revolution have saved our dear Ghana from total decay and eventual collapse. What these groups of myopic and power-hungry people forget is that their J.A. “Bokassa” Kufuor was part of PNDC cabinet under Jerry Rawlings. Mr. “Bokassa” Kufuor had to be shown the exit because of his inability to deliver.
    NPP is finding it difficult to understand and appreciate the 1992 Constitution because they refused to participate in its drafting and promulgation. This group of elitists were insulting patriotic Ghanaians who formed the Consultative Assembly that wrote the Constitution by describing them as illiterates. NPP believes that market women and men, tailors, traders, teachers, fishermen, farmers etc. do not have the ability and a brain in their heads and therefore don’t know what they want out of life and cannot be part of the august Assembly that crafted the 1992 Constitution. This elitist group of people boycotted the writing of the Constitution. Yes, they boycotted it. Ironically, today they are the ‘greatest believers’ in the 1992 Constitution that was written by “illiterates”.
    As J.A. “Bokassa” Kufuor’s reign of terror and looting cannot be erased from the history of Ghana so will 31st December can never be expunged from Ghana’s political history whether you like it or not. NPP will just get heart attack because the tenets and spirit of 31st December 1981 has come to stay. The 31st December will forever and ever be celebrated by the millions of the good people of Ghana who believe in the principles and ideals of the Revolution: probity, integrity, honesty, fair play, and accountability. One thing that is crystal clears to majority of Ghanaians is that NPP cannot stand the test of probity, integrity, honesty, fair play, and accountability; hence, their deep seated hatred for the ideals and hence celebration of this historical event that librated Ghana from corrupt politicians of the day.
    Let it be known to the so-called NPP Legal Committee that Ghana’s money was not used in celebrating this event.
    The event was well attended by all those who believe and identify themselves with the Revolution and share in its relevance at all times. I want to offer free advice to the so-called Legal Committee of the NPP-USA to spend some time to actually study the 1992 Constitution (written by “illiterates”) and also the Supreme Court Decision they were referring to in their ill-minded article.
    Feeble minds seem to forget pass events quickly while they turn around to accuse others of acts they themselves grievously engaged in, in the immediate past. It is rather unfortunate the so-called NPP-USA Legal Committee soon forgot, or pretending to forget, the escapade of Mr. “Bokassa” J.A. Kufuor a few days after been sworn in as the President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, in 2001, when Mr. “Bokassa” embarked on the first of his countless foreign trip to Togoland to celebrate the 34th Anniversary of Eyadema’s BLOODY military takeover of that country.
    In fact Mr. “Bokassa” Kufuor embarked on this unholy foreign trip exactly six days after been sworn into office, to celebrate one of the most brutal military coups in the history of Africa. Mr. Kufuor, a so-called “God fearing man” used his visit to engage in voodooism and occultism with his spiritual mentor Gnassingbe Eyadema. Juju rituals were performed at the behest of Mr. J.A. “Bokassa” Kufuor in Eyadema’s village, Lama-Kara. Animals’ bloods were spilled in a ritualistic fashion to grace the occasion with the dying fowl falling on Mr. J.A. “Bokassa” Kufuor’s feet, a sign that he embraced the rituals. This demonic ritual was boldly and shamelessly shown on national TV live with Mr. “Bokassa” smiling with contentment.
    It is imperative to let the so-called Legal Committee of NPP-USA know that Mr. J.A. “Bokassa” Kufuor did not only use the taxpayer’s money for this demonic and evil adventure but also the Ghana Military Band accompanied him with a very long convoy of vehicles. No doubt Ghana had to pay with the Stadium disaster; don’t forget Satan has no free gift!
    If you live in Glass House, you do not throw stones. Ye hypocrites! Physician, Heal Thyself! At least at the 31st December celebration, no blood was spilled, just wreaths laid in memory of the Patriotic Sons of the land who lost their lives to give us the Peace we are enjoying today.
    I want to let it be clear to NPP that Ghanaians have hired President J.E.A. Mills to serve them. They must therefore come to terms with this simple fact. Instead of NPP wasting their energy and time to impeach President Mills, they should rather impress upon Nana Akufo Addo, their flag bearer to undergo a detoxication process to clean his system of the “impurities’ he has being injecting into his system over the years.
    I can assure NPP that their idea of impeaching President Mills is ill-conceived, and will not see the light of day. Ghanaians have seen through their evil plot and they must note that “IF AN EVIL DOER HITS THE DRUM FOR THE DOWN FALL OF THE INNOCENT, THE gods WILL NOT LET THAT DRUM SOUND.
    NPP-USA, get something useful to do and stop blowing EMPTY HOT AIR! Long Live Ghana, Long Live 31st December Revolution, Long Live NDC, Long Live President Mills, Long Live President Rawlings!
    Source: Daniel Dotse