Treaded Needle Of CPP


    The poor performance of the convention peoples party (CPP) in general elections since 2000 should be studied a head of 2012 elections.
    It is clear that worse performance of the party has ever registered since the year 2000 was the 2008 elections where the party chalked less than 2% of the total votes cast.
    An independent research revealed that internal wrangling among leadership of the party is on conflict of personality and conflict of interest. These has eaten deep into the party driving machine to an extend. 1.The strong voices of the party does not take active interest in party’s organization. 2. The presidential candidates failed to assist the flag bearer on his campaign trial.
    3. The party also elected for me a very weak National Chairman to lead the party. It is not indeed the chairman of a political party that recorded less than 2% in a general election with only one parliamentary candidate who will glue him self to a chair and will not go round early enough to ascertain the problems and take pragmatic measures to solve them.
    Many believed that at the IEA debate in the last elections Dr Paa Kwesi Ndoum caught the admiration of most Ghanaians. However the end results of this did not reflect the expectation of some of us.
    The bare facts are 1, wrangling at top. Some of the parliamentary candidates of the CPP in the last election were less popular and had credibility problems in their own constituencies. Besides some of them were seen campaigning for the presidential candidates of other political parties rather than that of the CPP.
    In conclusion the Convention People Party will make a serious impact in 2012 general elections if
    1, Credible people are fielded for Parliamentary Candidates. This can be achieved through thorough screening and background checks at the various constituencies on the popularity of the interested candidates and. committed member of the party
    3, To avoid the situation where a candidate goes about wearing “skirt and blouse” on their campaign trail campaign, there is the need to get a treaded needle at the chairmanship position which will unify the party at the top.
    Indeed I have laid my eye on the Honorably Samia Nkrumah not because she is the Daughter of our first President, but the fact that so far she has not been corrupted by any of the two major political parties. With a little curtsey from her to the disgruntled parties, or factions and with the involvement of the council of elders of the party, we shall witness a united front and the party will be a force to recon with.
    Source: Mumuni, Iddisah