Posted: Friday 20th June 2014 at 7:37 am

How I Predicted Keefe’s Death – Ara

Nigerian female talking drummer, Aralola Olumuyiwa popularly known as Ara has revealed how she predicted the death of the late singer, Kefee.

9f8fara drummer1 How I Predicted Keefes Death   Ara

She told Best of Nollywood’s chat forum saying:

“I want to use this forum to appeal to my colleagues in the music industry. Less than two years ago, I had a dream about Keffee and immediately called her and narrated it to her, I also appealed to her not to make a joke of it….the rest is history. 

Early this year, I had a dream and contacted Efe of NOW music as he’s the only one I could call and told him to please organise a forum for all musicians to assemble and pray against death amongst us (please confirm from Efe). It’s sad we had to lose my girlfriend, sister and colleague…so sad.

When a revelation comes like that, it means there is a way out. Once again, we need to come together as a body under one roof to rebuke and pray about this revelation I had early this year. Yes, we all have different sources of prayer but this is a prayer we all must observe together.

I beg you all. I didn’t want to speak out but I have no choice than to”.

Meanwhile it would be recalled in an interview Ara granted in March 2014, the singer who revealed she had a gift of seeing visions and interpreting dreams was quoted as saying: “I don’t even have to sleep to see something. I think it has to do with my spiritual aspect. I fast a lot. My life off stage is an entirely different one. I actually attend the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries and if you can’t pray, you don’t attend MFM. It is a do-it-yourself church – which has helped me greatly.”

Kefee died on June Kefee died on June 13th of lungs failure after 15 days in a coma at Desert Spring Hospital, Las Vegas.

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 How I Predicted Keefes Death   Ara

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