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Four Gomora actors axed and no season 5, Is Mzansi Magic’s Gomora really coming to an end?

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The Gomora series on television is nearing its conclusion. 

The Daily Sun has heard from a number of reliable sources that Mzansi Magic is in the process of implementing adjustments and that these changes would have an impact on Gomora. 

“Every member of the cast was contacted individually and informed formally that there will not be a season 5. They were also informed that the upcoming fourth season will be the final one. The producers had requested that the cast and crew keep the news to themselves until it was officially announced to the general public on Monday, April 3rd. Yet as of Monday, they had not yet disclosed the information to the general public, “according to the source. 

According to information from yet another source, the current situation is very tense. 

“This is a very unfortunate circumstance, especially for the cast members, as their positions are likely to be eliminated as a result. After hearing the news, my cousin, who works for this production, was so upset that she couldn’t even eat. It’s a shame that so many of them have to start looking for work elsewhere “according to a third source. 

The news was first reported by Daily Sun on March 30. The actors Katlego Danke, Siphesihle Ndaba, Ntobeko Sishi, and Connie Chiume were dismissed from their roles on the show. 

“The show will now be heading in a different route. They want to provide brand-new stories that are not only thrilling but also educative. Regrettably, this necessitated the elimination of a few of the cast members “according to the source. 

All four axed actors turned down the opportunity to shed light on the issue. 

The following was said by a source from Mzansi Magic: “Getting rid of the play’s prominent actors like Katlego Danke and Connie Chiume was done with the intention of doing so in order to hasten its demise. They want the audience’s interest to dwindle little by little. We do not fully get the logic that underpins this tactic; yet, it is what we have been informed.” 

Mzansi Magic has been winding down a number of its television shows over the past several weeks, Diep City and Imbewu: The Seed, amongst others. 

Jenine Wessels, who works as the production manager for Gomora, directed all inquiries to Mzansi Magic. 

After being contacted by Daily Sun for comment, Mzansi Magic stated that they were unable to confirm nor refute the news. They stated that they will deliver the news to the general public on Thursday, April 6th.


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