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Laugh Out Loud While Viewing These Funny Memes

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You are welcome and thank you for visiting my page again, I have some amusing memes saved just for you. Laughter is yours to enjoy.

1. When the teacher asks me to choose someone to solve a maths question on the board and i look at my best friend:

2. Do I need an electrician or a plumber.

3. When you finally pay all your debts and start enjoying your life.

4. Me: I’m going to shower.

Husband: Okay.

Me: Please keep the child out of the bathroom.

Husband: Okay.

Me: Please!

Husband: I said okay! I’m capable of stopping a toddler from busting into a bathroom, you know.

*toddler busts into bathroom*

Husband: I couldn’t stop him.

5. Interviewer: “Forget everything you learned in college, you won’t need it here”

Me: “But, I didn’t go to college”

Interviewer: “Well then, you’re unqualified for this job”.

6. That’s why I hate going to the store with my girlfriend, those these lemons look ripe to you?

7. Normal heart beat

Deceased heart beat

Heart beat when you touch your pocket and feel your phone:

If you find these funny, discuss about what you think on the comment section below and follow up for more interesting contents!

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