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Foreigners arrested for making fake Alcohol and rinsing bottles in a bathtub

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Fake Alcohol manufactures arrested. It is alleged that these people have been manufacturing fake Alcohol. Pictures show them printing alcohol labels and washing the bottles in a sink.

People reacted to this on Twitter and said that they have been tasting the difference in the alcohol. Some people said that they even got sick after drinking alcohol at a tavern which has never happened before. The man said it almost killed him. Another said the same thing happened to his friend who was sick for a week. They said that people not only manufacture fake Alcohol but also fake bottled water.

People said that when purchasing alcohol it’s better to buy at reputable stores such as makro, pick n Pay and shoprite. But the problem is when you buy alcohol at groove or a tavern.

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Source : https://mobile.twitter.com/LwandleMkh_/status/1544729453288230912

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