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TikTok star collapses after receiving military summons

Putin joined Xi to review a military honor guard before talks in Beijing’s grandiose Great Hall of the People. | Credit: Reuters

A Russian TikToker appeared to collapse on stage after being handed a summons to join the army.

Xolidayboy, born, Ivan Minayev, was handed the papers at a southern Russian airport on Monday.

Shortly afterward, he appeared to lose consciousness during a show in the southern city of Stavropol.

Mr Minayev was born in the port city of Sevastopol in Crimea, occupied by Russia in 2014. He reportedly moved to Moscow in 2020.

Xolidayboy is known for his public image, which unusually for men in Russia includes wearing makeup and painting his nails.

He was brought to hospital after his collapse and was reportedly not in a serious condition.

Days before the summons was served, Ekaterina Mizulina, the head of the Safe Internet League, publicly objected to “pro-Ukrainian” videos posted by Mr Minayev to social media. In the clips, Xolidayboy appeared to call himself “Ukrainian” and said the Russian annexation of Crimea had not improved life for Crimeans.

Ms Mizulina has criticised and threatened various other Russian celebrities and bloggers accused of anti-war views.

She had previously called for another TikToker, Danila Milokhin, to be conscripted into the army because of allegedly “Russophobic statements,” reportedly causing him to flee the country.

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the body Ms Mizulina heads asked Roskomnadzor, Russia’s media watchdog, to block several Wikipedia pages, including “War crimes during the Russian invasion of Ukraine” and “Bucha massacre” on the basis of unspecified false information.

Xolidayboy’s management accuse Ms Mizulina of using his case for the benefit of her own profile.



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