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Locked up abroad: Meet the UK model and influencer behind bars for drug smuggling

Modou Adams, a UK model and popular influencer on TikTok, has been given an almost seven-year sentence in Peru for smuggling cocaine out of the country.

Model Modou Adams in Peru. Picture: Adam’s Instagram account.

The 25-year-old model and budding entrepreneur was stopped at Jorge Chávez International Airport on September 30, according to Sky News.

The model-turned drug mule was in possession of 2.9kg of cocaine that was hidden in his suitcase.

Adams will now spend six years and eight months in prison in Peru after he pleaded guilty to the charges.

A selfie of Adams taken in the US. Picture: Adam’s Instagram account

It should be noted that the drugs were bound for the UK.

Anti-drug prosecutor Lincoln Fuentes did note that this was not the first time that the influencer has been taken into custody for drug possession and trying to leave the country.

On his Instagram account, Adams could be seen modelling for fashion brands like Rick Owens and Louis Vuitton. The images do not have a “Paid Partnership” tag, so the model could have been promoting clothes he owned himself.

Adams has around 11,600 followers on Instagram.

He has been tagged as a representative of the fashion brand Hollister on his Instagram account.

Adams, based on his social media, has been represented by Shelley Durkan Casting.



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