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Global Black Impact Summit to Build Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) (www.GlobalBlackImpact.com) – taking place in Dubai on November 30 – December 1 – serves as the premier platform for championing talent among the global Black business community. While the rate of Black business ownership has increased dramatically post-pandemic – rising by as much as 28% in the U.S., for example – work remains to be done in positioning Black professionals at the forefront of leadership and innovation. Effective leadership skills – which rely on active communication, acute self-awareness and an unwavering commitment to ideas – are recognized as a prerequisite for successful entrepreneurs and an essential building block to creating a strong Black entrepreneurial community.

Under the theme, “Black Excellence: The Untapped Potential to Unite Our Global Community,” the two-day summit focuses on developing effective leadership skills to equip and enable the next generation of Black professionals to become leaders in their fields and cultivate successful relationships within their organizations. Among the event’s core objectives are investing in Black education, innovation and entrepreneurship; promoting equal access to opportunities in society; creating opportunities for Black talent; and stimulating and supporting Black ownership across industries.

In addition to dynamic panel discussions and networking opportunities, GBIS will feature interactive workshops designed to enhance personal and professional skills and facilitate access to valuable learning resources. A strategic session on the first day of the event will explore the latest trends in education, skills development and technical training, highlight the role of education in economic development and wealth creation, and discuss initiatives that focus on improving access to quality education within the Black community.

A key targeted outcome of fostering leadership skills is creating more Black entrepreneurs and business owners. During the session, “Building Black Wealth: Exploring the Power and Potential of Black Entrepreneurship,” a panel of entrepreneurs and business leaders will share insights into the strategies and resources needed to succeed in today’s economy, as well as identify barriers faced by Black entrepreneurs to both starting and scaling their businesses, which largely center around a lack of funding and support. Discussions will also explore how to use the power and influence of the existing Black entrepreneurial community to expand its global footprint, educate the public on the power of investing in Black businesses and highlight emerging opportunities for Black small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Lastly, a series of technical sessions on Day 1 will highlight various tracks on empowerment across industries: “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” will examine the journey of successful Black entrepreneurs, host a workshop on scaling successful businesses, and allow aspiring entrepreneurs to directly pitch their ideas. “Leadership and Advocacy” will help participants develop effective leadership skills, provide training in community organizing and activism, and strive to empower youth to become future leaders. With the ability to start your own business being a key precursor to building and retaining wealth, fostering skills that can result in successful entrepreneurs and business owners will be critical to bridging the socioeconomic gap and capitalizing on the untapped potential of the global Black community. 

Join us at Energy Capital&Power’s GBIS 2023 summit, taking place in Dubai from November 30 to December 1, and be a part of this transformative event. To secure your participation at this important, high-level event, register now at www.GlobalBlackImpact.com.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Energy Capital&Power.


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