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Say what? Woman marries father-in-law after groom runs away during wedding

A wedding is a huge undertaking. It comes with the huge responsibility of making sure that the day goes as smoothly as it can.

Toxic family drama, the food and cake not being what the couple wanted, and rowdy guests are what the groom and bride often worry about.

For an Indonesian woman, the impossible reportedly happened after her fiancé made a run for it and left her, leading to the shocked bride to marry her would-be father-in-law.

According to Tribun Trends, because the invited guests had already arrived, the family was compelled to continue the marriage with the groom’s father standing in for his son.

“The lover, or the bridegroom, named Isra… He was forced to be represented by his father because he ran away before the Ijab Kabul (kabul is the consent given by the bride’s family at wedding ceremony). It is important in Islam,” reported Tribun Trends.

The bride’s brother, reportedly talked about the bizarre circumstances they had gone through. He recalled the events surrounding his sister’s marriage to her would-be father-in-law.

“Even though guests had come to attend wedding invitations; the man’s family then said their child was missing without being noticed,” he was quoted as saying.

He supposedly claimed that the bride and would-be groom have been in a love connection for a long time.

“The runaway groom had even been once caught entering the bride’s room. He also said, his party experienced the loss of around Rp 25 million (about R31,402) for the readiness of this marriage. However, he admitted that no legal steps would be taken,” the bride’s brother was quoted as saying.



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